Best Size For a Tennis Racquet

Tennis enthusiasts shop for a tennis racquet to buy a new one or upgrade their current tennis equipment to something that is more powerful, comfortable or get a racquet gives them more control. For beginners, however, scouting for a tennis racquet and deciding on the best size can be pretty daunting, considering the many choices available in the market.

best tennis racket

Just going to the store and buy the popular 27 inch tennis racquet is not always the case. However, the internet is a big help because anyone can just search and visit a tennis website anytime and get some useful ideas from there.

Factors For Tennis Racquet Size

Each of the racquet makers has their way of helping any buyer to pick any tennis equipment that is good for the players. Powerful racquets are generally lightweight and have thick beams as well as big head sizes. The more control-oriented ones are heavier with thin beams and small head sizes. Visit a tennis website to learn more about the game and the right equipment.


Playing tennis can be vigorous but a good tennis equipment and racquet size inspire the player. To make it less difficult in picking up the best size for a tennis racquet, the following are the features to consider:

Head Size

Tennis enthusiasts would want a suitable racket as part of their tennis equipment. For many players, the head size has something to do with control and power. A bigger head provides more power than the unit with a smaller head. A larger head likewise offers a bigger area and sweet spot for hitting. Head sizes of racquets range from 85 to 135 square inches. More accomplished tennis players who seek more control are drawn to a smaller head while the larger heads appeal to beginners and intermediate players who seek a larger sweet spot and more power. Anyone can visit a tennis website to learn more about racquet head size.


The standard length of tennis racquets is 27 inches, while tournament plays have a legal limit from a 27 inch tennis racquet to one that is 29 inches long. Longer ones are good to reach on ground strokes, serves and have overall more power than the ones in standard lengths. Using a racquet with standard size then those that are a half to an inch longer  is usually not a problem. As the length of the racquet increases, the dynamic swing weight will also go up. Using a longer racquet without reducing its weight could be unmanageable.

Young players

Tennis appeals to all ages, even children. Hence racquets come in various sizes, lengths and weight. There is a tennis equipment that suits for kids as well. Kids have their own bunch of information anyone can see when they visit a tennis website.

The standard size for kids is shorter than 27 inch tennis racquet. Here is the tennis racquet sizing chart for children:

  • 4 years old or younger – 40 inches or less in height, and 19 inches long
  • 4 to 5 years old – 40 to 44 inches high and 21 inches long
  • 6 to 8 years old – 45 to 49 inches high and 23 inches long
  • 9 to 10 years old – 50 to 55 inches high and 25 inches long
  • 10 years old or older – racquet height can be 55 inches or higher and 26 inches long

Children who reach more than 10 years of age can still opt for the less than 27 inch long tennis racquet and 55-inch high or more. For more information, visit a tennis website as it is just a click away. Also, check out our last article on how to become a pro tennis player.

How to Become a Professional Tennis Player

Lawn tennis is an intensely competitive sport that people all around the world play for recreation or as a hobby. While many people just enjoy it for social fun, there are others who may be like you who want to turn pro. If you’re interested in a professional career in tennis, it will take a lot of hard work, dedication, and preparation. Here is how you become a pro tennis player.

Getting The Necessary Tennis Experience

In order to compete with anyone in tennis on a professional level, you need to take care of your health by getting in shape. Now you’re not looking to be super muscular but you are looking to engage in cardio exercises and acquire both strength and endurance compete in matches against your rivals.

To learn how to become a professional tennis player, you’ll want to seek a coach who will train you effectively. Ideally you want someone who is well-experienced and has the credentials to back it up. Has he or she won any championships? Do their skills speak for themselves?

Practice Playing Tennis

To become proficient enough to be a professional tennis player, you need to spend time practicing. Ideally you want to spend many hours (as many as reasonably possible) getting better at the sport. Go to a tennis court and practice with a trainer, friends, other players, and more. Compete with other proficient players who are better than you. Out of that resistance will come more strength for you.

These are few beginner tips on how to become a professional tennis player and take over the world by storm.